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«Graphic Design / Web Design» at The Douglas Agency does not mean standard design services. We offer freedom – the freedom for clients to implement their ideas. Combine that with our technical expertise and compliance with the latest market demands and you have a best-selling recipe for your business!


A good web/graphic design is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. As the number of online resources grows day by day, so does the audience who seek high quality layout and content.

A poorly designed website will turn off a user pretty quickly will leave that website with just one click. It’s fine if it is a blog that has been neglected by its creator for years, but what if it is a business website? What if it is to attract customers to yield profit? What a disaster!

The primary role of the design is to make the website unique or, at least, different enough to attract the user’s attention. Standing out from the pack makes you competitive. If you look worthy, professional and businesslike, the profit is not slow to arrive. That’s the law!


The design must contribute to the appearance and layout uniqueness, as well as prompt site awareness. Well-known brands are usually recognized from afar, and this early recognition obviously earns huge profit for those companies.

It’s up to you to decide whether it is worth the money to invest in a sensible web design.

With a distinctive custom layout and/or an original, rich color scheme, you can bring the singularity of your Internet project into focus.

One-of-a-kind, impressive, eye-catching and professional design helps to get all of your ideas and information across. Users, in turn, take that content as important and valuable. It will be a powerful selling point against your competitors in the struggle for potential and new customers.

A good design also requires good readability, which depends on many parameters such as:
  • the length of lines,
  • interval there between,
  • kerning,
  • leveling and font-size.

The length of lines

Interval there between


Leveling and font-size


If you turn to us for web design services, you can’t go wrong. We adhere to the following principles:

Universality. We work with any CMS for the purpose web design, e.g., WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc.

Transparency. As our client, we work for and with you. You are a full participant in the development process to monitor and control the work performed.

Individual approach. The main task is to create a unique website that is a work of art – no exaggeration!

Affordable. When you consider the quality of our work, our ability to “get it right the first time”, and the value for your money, you’ll see the difference.


We set no limits for our customers; we just implement whatever you come up with in the style required. There is no truly accurate design classification of websites and the reason is clear: the differentiation of styles does not belong to any scientific field. Each online resource has its own unique peculiarities.

Still, we can identify the following common style directions:

Classic. It supports soft, discreet colors and concise in their forms. This style is often used for commercial sites that present business information such as stock quotes or economic news.

Organic Gothic. It contains quaint organic shapes, abstract animated pictures as background, collages from different objects, and translucent background textures.

Cyberpunk is characterized by excessively distorted or magnified images, randomly generated images, never-ending movement, “bare” HTML code, and various

forms of web design abstract parts, withbright neon colors, odd sounds, and other all-singing-all-dancing DHTML.

Web 2.0. This is the most popular web design style today. Its appeal is its large text and volume effects, blazing bright colors and original icons. A website in this style is

always divided into several columns and is easy to navigate.

Artistic. This is mostly used by big businesses interested in non-standard approach and some design studio. Graphics stand first on the list.

Minimal. This clean and simple style is one of the most popular. It uses changing fonts and places emphasis on colors to make the main point prominent. It is characterized by fast load and simple logos and text. Sites in this style are mostly built on HTML.

Newspaper. This is perfect for Internet resources filled mostly with cross-linked information. It has a tabular layout, while every page is stuffed with issue-related links.

Grunge. Websites designed in this style was once a prerogative of resources for different rock bands, but it has recently become popular with web studios, design houses,

all kinds of clubs and even private web designers. Grunge is a posed counterpoint to the prim-and-proper style of sites for commercial entities and prestigious businesses. It uses sloppy and uneven fonts, dust, noise, scratch, and stain effects.

High-tech. It is generated by everything and anything robotic and artificial, based on three-dimensional model designs and frames. In the earliest days, such

websites used a “chopped” font, just like the one on old electronic wristwatch, and were decorated with graph paper, barcodes and textures similar to metal inserts.

When choosing a style, there is only one rule: the web resource you want to have SHOULD stand out from similar websites! Our experts will create a design that once seen, it will be hard to forget.


While we often get requests from both startup owners to have their design developed from scratch, we also get requests from clients who are interested in redesign.

Redesign is a normal stage in the lifecycle of any Internet resource. One basic indicator that a website is due for a redesign is decreased user activity. Our experts will help you figure out what exactly in your design demands enhancement and these very points will be fixed first.


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